Springtime Maple Fudge

Springtime Maple Fudge

Easy step by step recipe instructions for Springtime Maple Fudge. Make this delicious easy Springtime Maple Fudge today. If you have a question about this recipe, just shout out to us.

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Ingrients & Directions

2 c Pure maple syrup
1 c Heavy cream

Here are several maple fudge recipes from my collection. They are taken
from a French cookbook called “Les P’tits Becs Sucres De La Beauce” which,
loosely translated, means “Sweets lovers from the Beauce” (the Beauce is a
region of southeastern Quebec that is the main maple syrup production
center of the province). Here they are:

Boil the syrup to the soft ball stage. Warm the cream and pour into the
syrup. Boil this mixture again to the soft ball stage. Remove from heat and
stir until the mixture becomes slightly grainy. Pour into a buttered dish
to harden.

You may add nuts to taste.

1 Servings



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