Saucy Apple Bread (machine) – Regular Loaf

Saucy Apple Bread (machine) – Regular Loaf

Easy step by step recipe instructions for Saucy Apple Bread (machine) – Regular Loaf. Make this delicious easy Saucy Apple Bread (machine) – Regular Loaf today. If you have a question about this recipe, just shout out to us.

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Ingrients & Directions

1/2 c Apple cider
1 1/3 c White bread
3/4 c + 1T Wheat bread flour
1 ts Salt
2 1/2 tb Yogurt, plain
2 1/2 tb Honey
1/3 ts Vanilla
2 1/2 tb Walnuts, unchopped
2 1/2 tb Egg, beaten
1/3 c Applesauce, unsweetened
1/3 c Granny smith apple, unpeeled
3/4 ts Yeast, fast rise or machine
– or –
1 1/4 ts Yeast, active dry

Source: Electric Bread

Did you ever hear the cooking tip about putting a slice of fresh
apple in your cake saver to keep your cake moist? Well, the fresh
Granny Smith apple in this recipe works the same way in this tangy,
long-lasting bread. Even days later it retains a nice moistness that
makes it a favorite for those times when you need to bake ahead.

Success Hints

Core & dice unpeeled apple.

The Granny Smith apple adds a tartness to the bread. For a sweeter
bread, try using a Rome or a McIntosh.

Use regular or rapid bake cycle.

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